Monday, June 1, 2015

A Lobster Boat Exists (and it is EVERYTHING)

Stop. Everything. I have discovered a lobster boat.

Along the West Side Highway at Pier 81 one can gain entrance to the North River Lobster Company, Part seafood shack, part party boat -- this is seriously the stuff dreams are made of, I kid not. Enter on 41st Street. The boat departs at various scheduled times, check the website for deets, and cruises up and down the Hudson for 45 minute increments.

Now for the best parts. The lobster boat is totally FREE to enter -- no resos required, no minimum order -- there's a DJ on-board spinning tunes (mostly Top 40), drinks are relatively cheap (we got a bottle of wine for around $30, heyooo!), they have LOBSTER ROLLS, and the views you'll take in are nothing short of breathtaking.

The only setback of the boat is perhaps the clientele it attracts aboard. Prepare to see dudes in pink polo shirts and lobster printed belts screaming about God knows what over pitchers of beer. The trick is to pick up a bottle, find a quiet corner, and get to drinking. This is one of my favorite finds in NYC, so get there ASAP before the word gets out.

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