Monday, December 15, 2014

Seafood Stewing in K-Town

Stop the presses! Yesterday I had my first official dining experience in K-Town, and I gotta was beyond epic. Now being an LA-native, some might find it shocking that I had never been, but I've been waiting for the right Korean to show me the way, and lucky for me it came it a sexy little package I like to call my bestie Alice.

Byul Pocha is a quaint little Korean bar hidden in one of K-Town's many outdoor malls, a well-kept secret from the unknown eye to see. You see the everyday pedestrian could easily walk right past the place without a second thought, but upon first entrance I was packed with a LED punch. Neon lights adorned the ceiling, blinking stars flashed their welcome, and giant TVs playing gloriously ostentatious Korean pop circled around us. God, this girl knows exactly what I want.

We got there just before Happy Hour had ended (9pm on a Sunday, go figure!) so we ordered the special: Korean Fried Chicken and a pitcher of beer for $21! We sat, we gossiped, we drank. And when the waitress came around the second time, Alice (bless her soul) ordered a seafood stew and a bottle of soju.

The seafood stew was spicy and warm, the perfect coating to my buzzed belly. Filled with mussels, crab, octopus and a healthy heaping of veggies. We sat, we stewed and we shot rice wine, until the food coma trickled in and we decided to dash. First K-Town food adventure in the bag. And it was totally epic.

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