Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Super Secret St. Paddy's Day Show with Flight Facilities

I'm not usually one to embark on the St. Patrick's Day shit show that blows up the bar scene and spews onto the streets of LA. I'd like to think of it as amateur hour, where all the generally calm and collected take the excuse of a holiday to go out and get wild, too wild, for me. So when my friend Andrew hit me up about going to a show on Sunset Blvd. I was naturally inclined to say no. It wasn't until he divulged the deets that Flight Facilities (a DJ duo I was still hitting myself over the head for missing at last year's festival circuit) was playing a secret show at Mondrian's Sky Bar that I started to get intrigued. So I said, what the hell, let's go!

We arrived 30 minutes before the show was set to start, hoping to avoid the treacherous lines that follow free shows, but shockingly the venue was bare. We grabbed a window booth and watched the cotton candy-colored sunset, while sipping on whiskey and waiting. I scanned the slim crowd every now and then, secretly crossing my fingers that the green-garbed shitheads were too busy downing shots to stop by. 20 minutes after the show was set to start, two cute yet goofy Aussie boys started spinning. Lit only by candles and decorative white string lights, the duo led the slowly growing crowd into a low-key groove. 

A little bit disco, a little bit 90s hip hop, the mood was set and I was above the clouds. Remixing original faves like "Crave You" with a bit of funky soul, I had found my slice of heaven. The dudes downed beers between head bobs and chatted with a few nameless models, but the vibe was overall perfection. Just a few music-lovin' kids hanging at an outdoor pool, dancing with effortlessly gorgeous strangers, NBD. Drew and I scooted out after a few hours, being a school night and all, but the party raged on behind us. As we shimmied back onto Sunset and into our car, I thanked my lucky stars for the most perfect St. Paddy's Day ever.

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