Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Why Kindness Is The Coolest New Musician On the Block

It was a gloomy Wednesday night when a very hip crowd filled the quaint El Rey Theatre in Mid-City Los Angeles. Slowly the hoards of vintage threads, ankle boots, and costume jewelry began to take over the room with a hushed anticipation. British cutie Adam Bainbridge (aka Kindness) was about to take the stage and the foreshadowed excitement was buzzing in the air. Countless hours spent listening to Kindness' soundcloud couldn't have prepared us for the dance party that was about to occur. And boy, does the dude know how to groove.

Adorned in a blazer, cropped black pants, and shiny patent leather oxfords, Kindness demanded attention the second he stepped on the stage. And his moves kept the entrancement going. Filling the space with smooth vocals and a funky sound, unlike anything I heard in a long ass time. Think motown meets Aaliyah (he even covered her “If Your Girl Only Knew”).

The entire theatre became a total dance party, as unannounced guests Kelela and Angel Deradoorian stepped onto the stage. Each performer under the spotlight that night seemed of otherworldly level. Two goddesses guised as back-up singers shook their groove thangs while belting out hearty sounds. The magic in the moon was full force that night.

From his smooth tunes to his fancy footwork, Kindness evoked something deep inside me that had been sheltered away. With lanky limbs and a unassuming amount of awkwardness, the man took the command of the stage with an air that epitomized dancing like no one was watching and a confidence that belted, "Fuck y'all haters, this is me."